Soap is known since ancient times. Plinio il Vecchio, Roman writer of the first century, first uses the latin word sapo, borrowing it from the Gallic saipo, in his work Naturalis historia:

«Soap [...] is prepared from tallow and ashes, the best for this purpose being the beech ashes and goat fat: there are two kinds of soap, the hard and the liquid soap, both are very used by people from Germany, particularly men more than women.»
(Pliny the Elder, Naturalis historia, Book 28, Chapter 47.)

In the Middle Ages, Marseille and Savona were the main centers of production, then followed by Venice, Genoa and Alicante. Italy thus has a long tradition in soap making.



In PANNACREMA's shaving soaps one of the most important ingredient is tallow, a rendered form of animal fat, rich in saturated fatty acids. Saponified tallow does a great job of giving a nice rich creamy lather and good conditioning properties.

Other precious oils in the recipe are: coconut oil, castor oil, and the excellent shea butter, which has very good conditioning and soothing properties. This ingredient will soothe burns, reduce wrinkles, help heal acne and even provide natural UV protection.

The presence of kaolin, an Italian white clay, gives the razor blade a unique slipperiness.

One of the byproducts of saponification is glycerin, so precious that generally industries remove it from the soaps to sell it separately. PANNACREMA does not remove the glycerin produced during the saponification, but rather adds more, to fully exploit its moisturizing, lubricants and emollients properties.



In developing a shaving soap formulation, one must reach a compromise between the following properties:

  • Hydration
  • Lathering easiness
  • Blade gliding
  • Protection while shaving
  • Soothing after shave


At PANNACREMA however, we wanted to get all of the properties listed, without giving up any. That's why we invented a new soap making method.

Our making method is both innovative and unique and has been designed to maximize the ingredient's quality and performance.

PANNACREMA • Handmade in Italy • With care 

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